Hall of Fame

The Rockford Public Schools Hall of Fame was established to celebrate the achievements and talents of our distinguished alumni from Rockford High School. The RPS Hall of Fame recognizes individuals who have made exceptional achievements in their field, significant contributions to Rockford Public Schools, and/or unique contributions to their communities on a local, state, national or global level. The selection of these individuals is intended to recognize and encourage a tradition of excellence, achievement, commitment, and dedication.

Rockford Public Schools and the Rockford Education Foundation are partnering to honor the achievements of outstanding community members and past Rockford graduates during the biennial Rockford Public Schools Hall of Fame Event.

Now more than ever, our schools need the community’s support as they face extraordinary challenges. Help us ensure that our Rockford schools continue to have the resources they need today to create the leaders we will need tomorrow.

How to Nominate

» Complete the top portion of the form with the full name of the person you are nominating, his or her address, contact information, and the year of Rockford High School graduation if applicable.

» Check the one category for which you are nominating your candidate.

» Attach a detailed description of the achievement(s) for which the nomination is being made. Please be thorough. Do not assume that the Hall of Fame Advisory Council members, who will be reviewing the nominations, know your candidate. Make sure that your information is complete and legible. Include any past honors that the nominee has received and copies of as much supporting evidence as possible, e.g., copies of resume, certificates, biographical sketch, news clippings, etc.

» At the bottom of the nomination form, please provide your name, address, and contact information.

» Sign and date the nomination form.

2020 Inductees

Academic & Career Accomplishments
Jason Baldridge – RHS 1992
Steve Polonowski – RHS 1992

Cultural & Performing Arts
George Goad – RHS 2009

Service to Rockford Public Schools or Community
Paul Krupp – RHS 1972 (posthumous)
Dr. Jeffrey VanWingen – RHS 1989

Honorary Achievement
Jim Haskins
Roselle Havens

2020 Hall of Fame Inductee Bios


Past Inductees


Brett Grill
Erik Douglas
Carole Baker
Linda Blackmore
Michael Shibler
Clarence Blakeslee
Neil Blakeslee
Scott Baldridge
Linda Johnston
Michael Lepech


Robert Boyer
Vic Krause
Jacquelyn Melin
Carol Muth
Matthew Turk
Cameron Warne
Ginger Zee


Sue Jo Bakita
Zachory Berta-Thompson
Susan Bodenner
Jamie Hosford
Fred Reusch
April Soderstrom
Derek VanDam
Michael Zevalkink
Dana (Mambourg) Zimbric


R. Graham Greenland
Peter Kruer
Edward Downes Lewis
Kathy Munger
Brian Oberlin
Leonard Post


Trillium Hibbeln
Brian Morris
David Nagy
Randall Sellhorn

Category Descriptions

Cultural/Performing Arts

This individual is a graduate of RHS and is recognized for achievements in the cultural, visual, or performing arts and/or contributions to the promotion of cultural activities on a local, state, national, or global level.

Service to the Community

This individual is a graduate of RHS and is recognized for service to the Rockford Public Schools or to the community or society by sustained example or contribution, and by serving as a major influence in the lives of Rockford students or in the community/society through acts of leadership.

Academic/Career Accomplishments

This individual is a graduate of RHS and is recognized for achievement in his or her profession which has resulted in a direct and significant impact in his or her field. The nominee has demonstrated unique talents and/or accomplishments.

Honorary Achievement

Contribution to education in the Rockford community: This individual is recognized as having served the Rockford community by supporting education in all forms by sustained example or contribution, and by serving as a major influence in the lives of Rockford students of all ages. Rockford High School graduation is not a requirement in this category.