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REF Essential Needs Fund

Rockford Education Foundation Essential Needs Fund

The Rockford Education Foundation is proud to partner with Rockford Public Schools to support the children and families in our community through an Essential Needs Fund.

Educators are often the first to see or hear about a child’s imminent and pressing issues that need a quick solution. We know that school staff have often used their own money to address immediate situations. The Essential Needs Fund has been established to allow all RPS staff members request funds that can be used to help families with unmet basic needs.

Past real-life RPS examples have included:
- Purchasing dress slacks so a student could start a part-time after-school job
- Providing personal care items like razors, deodorant, and feminine products
- Replacing a tire on a family’s car
- And countless other examples!

RPS Staff may submit essential needs requests for RPS students/families here.   

Requesting funds from the Essential Needs Fund is easy. An RPS representative will respond within 24 hours. 
Questions:  Contact Mindy Duba, RPS Executive Director of Special Services at