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Above & Beyond Campaign

Social Emotional Wellness & Mental Health

Be the Change.

It can be hard growing up in today’s world.

Childhood is a lot different today than when we were young. Social media and technology have impacted the ways kids interact and develop socially. Rates of anxiety and depression have been on the rise among children, which can make it even more difficult to navigate the challenges of growing up.

According to the CDC, 15% of children ages 12-17 have experienced a major depressive episode.* That translates to approximately 550 Rockford teens who may have experienced persistent feelings of sadness, hopelessness, or even thoughts of suicide in the past year. 

Rockford Public Schools is playing a crucial role in identifying and addressing mental health issues in kids, and providing support and resources for those who are struggling.

Donating to the Rockford Education Foundation is a great way to support this important work and help ensure that our kids have access to the resources and support they need to thrive. Together we can support this important work and be the change our kids need.

*CDC Mental Health Surveillance Among Children – United States, 2013-2019