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Last year, the Rockford Education Foundation awarded $125,000 to Rockford schools & our community.

Let REF fund your great ideas!

Student Grants – Accepted all year through 4/30/18

Fall Grants Due – Tuesday, 10/3/18

Winter Grants Due – Tuesday, 1/23/18
Founders’ Grant Due – Friday, 4/13/18

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25th Anniversary School Year!!

Last year, Rockford Education Foundation awarded a record of $135,000 to Rockford schools & community.

Let REF fund your great ideas!

Student Grants – accepted all year through 4/30/17
Founders’ Grant Due – Friday, 4/14/17

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Lend Your Support to the Rockford Education Foundation’s

25th Anniversary Campaign

Your gift will make an immediate impact on education in our community!

The Rockford Education Foundation (REF) recently celebrated its 25th year of supporting educators and students in the Rockford community. Join us in making the next 25 years even better!

As a member of the Rockford Community, we are asking for your support. Perhaps you have donated to REF in the past or you are a passionate supporter every year, no matter your level of commitment, we hope you will consider the opportunity to support REF during this milestone year and perhaps make a pledge for the next 3 years. Use the 25th Anniversary Donation Form (PDF) or donate online:

25th Anniversary Campaign



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